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Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity “Fund”

This Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC targets United States real estate that is presently in a state of distress. The Fund’s Manager categorizes the opportunities from troubled properties into three classifications: market distress, owner distress, and building distress. So that we can describe how the Fund will capitalize on today’s market conditions, let’s consider these three types of distress.

We are opportunistic buyers of multi-family and commercial real estate

The Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund LLC, (BCRPOF) is a real estate focused private equity fund based in Agoura Hills, CA.  The Fund invests nationally in distressed real estate assets and targets properties that have been priced lower than standard market values.  The Fund is focused on buying, fixing, and reselling real estate investments as quickly as possible to return optimal profit potentials to our partner investors.  The Fund targets real estate investment opportunities where our operating expertise and local sector knowledge can guide the strategic direction of the acquisition and create sustainable and profitable returns for our partner investors.

Our Investment Focus

We exclusively target distressed real estate assets that can be acquired at below market values.

Our Value Creation Model

We buy and restore distressed and under performing real estate assets back to their market values.

Our Investment Strategy

We are focused on rapidly buying, fixing, and reselling real estate acquisition to maximize the profits potentials that are shared with our partner investors.

Our Values 

We believe that truly successful organizations abide by a shared value system.

We at Bullseye Capital ROPF LLC, believe in the following values:

  • We are in business to serve our partner investors and our shareholders.
  • We treat the money that is entrusted to us by our equity investors as sacred.
  • We are honest, fair and transparent in our business relationships.
  • We treat people with honor, courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • We honor our agreements and commitments by delivering on what we promise.
  • We believe in thoughtful analysis rather than emotional responses.

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