About Us

Fund Directors

The names and contact information of the Directors of the Fund are as follows:

fd_jb Joel G. Block,
(818) 597-2990
fd_dwedDave Wedemire,
(800) 577-0401, x130
fd_bhanBryan Hancock,
(800) 577-0401, x145
fd_ryargRod Yarger,
(800) 577-0401, x175

About Bullseye Capital

Bullseye Capital, the manager of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC is a wholly owned division of Growth-Logic, Inc., a California corporation. Bullseye Capital provides real estate finance, brokerage and property management services for distressed real estate assets.

All of the investment management and real estate services rendered by Bullseye Capital and its affiliated companies are provided with the highest level of assurance for thoroughness, fairness and concern for the investors who have always been the hallmark of all of Joel G. Block’s companies.

Management of the Properties

The management of all of the properties that are acquired by The Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC will be overseen by the Fund’s Manager, Bullseye Capital. The day to day management will either be handled by the Bullseye Capital real estate management company, or it will be handled by an affiliate of the Manager and overseen by Bullseye Capital. When a property is located in a part of the country that is not easily controlled by Bullseye Capital’s management company, the Manager will contract with a property manager that is local to the property.

At all times, Bullseye Capital will be intimately involved with the oversight of each of our properties. We will interact with the management team of our service providers as often as every day. When we sub-contract these services, our management team is on the phone frequently, making sure that the property is managed to our standard. This includes frequent visits to the property by our team, with actual on site observations occurring regularly.

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